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Visions Gallery

Your biggest and best selection of original paintings and sculptures in Guanacaste is at Visions Gallery in Liberia!

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OPEN   Wed-Sun 11-5

CLOSED   Mon & Tues
except by appointment

  • Distinctive original art to suit almost any taste, decor and budget.

  • Paintings and sculptures in a wide range of media, sizes and styles, for both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Works by over twenty local and international artists, including some of Costa Rica's most widely known and talented painters and sculptors. 

  • Realistic and abstract paintings in acrylic, resin, watercolor, and ink.

  • Colorful paintings of Costa Rica's flora and fauna, wildlife, landscapes, and pastoral scenes.

  • Vibrant undersea images of whales, coral reefs and other ocean life.

  • Large format paintings and framed sculptural works suitable for homes, hotels, restaurants and professional offices.

  • Figurative and abstract sculptures, in marble, limestone, sandstone, alabaster, granite, bronze, ceramic, fiberglss, resin and wood.

  • Free-standing sculptures ranging from table-top to monumental sizes, including sculptures for fountains or other water features.

  • Beautiful reproductions of pre-Colombian ceramic art.

  • Mirrors in one-of-a-kind, hand-made driftwood frames.

Display of art in Visions Gallery

Discover Our Artists

Resident Artist

(Costa Rica, Canada)

 Sculptures & Ceramics

Ceramic Artists

Janet CANDIDO   (Canada)


Composite image of 5 paintings
Composite image of 4 paintings
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Painting & Sculpture Gardens 

Art doesn't belong only indoors! Enhance your outdoor living space with an original painting or sculpture, as a focal point or accent. For durability, our original acrylic and resin paintings are created on wood panels, and the non-toxic epoxy resin we use contains UV protection.

Original sculptures on display outside our art gallery
Original sculptures exhibited outside our art gallery
Original marble sculpture displayed outside our art gallery
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