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Visions Art Center

Liberia, Costa Rica

Visions Gallery at Visions Art Center is Liberia’s newest addition to Costa Rica’s vibrant art scene. We, owners Francisco Castro Lostalo and Tony Magee have created a welcoming exhibition space, with original artwork set in a unique painting and sculpture garden in addition to a more traditional indoor gallery. Our distinctive and diverse collection includes one-of-a-kind original sculptures as well as vibrant paintings suitable for hanging either indoors or outdoors. We feature paintings and sculptures by many Costa Rican and international artists in addition to extensive work by Francisco, our resident artist, who also welcomes custom orders in a wide variety of media and styles.

composite image of 8 paintings
Composite image of 6 sculptures
Composite image of 4 paintings

Resident Artist
Francisco Castro Lostalo

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Francisco is also a Canadian citizen. He works in a wide range of styles, creating colorful paintings in acrylic, acrylic and resin, watercolor and mixed media, as well as sculptures in stone, wood, ceramic, fiberglass and bronze. His acrylic and resin paintings are filled with bold color, texture and movement, and his underwater images of whales and other sea life are striking. 

Like French painter Henri Matisse, Francisco believes that an artist should never be a prisoner of a single style.  He continually challenges himself by painting and sculpting in a wide range of media, styles and subjects, and by experimenting with different techniques. Examples of the diversity of his work can be seen on this site, in our art gallery in Liberia, Costa Rica and on his personal website  

Francisco has a long list of artistic credits, including as organizer of Costa Rica's first international stone sculpture symposiums, and as Canada's representative in the World Youth Forum's 2018 sculpture symposium "Reviving Humanity" in Egypt. His public sculptures can be found there and in Chile as well as Costa Rica. His artwork is also held in private collections in Costa Rica, Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Argentina, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Our Location

We're just 5 minutes east of Liberia International Airport on Route 21, which is the main road to downtown Liberia.


Our “official" address translates to English as Barrio Santa Ana, 300 meters east of the main offices of the Transit Police, in front of La Liga De La Caña, Liberia, Costa Rica, Central America.

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