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Art Studio Spaces

Rent one of our fully equipped art studio spaces!

Let our fresh air, sunshine and tropical breezes drive away stress and inspire you to create your newest work!

Draw energy and inspiration from our spacious landscaped grounds, and from the art surrounding you in our gallery and in our outdoor painting and sculpture gardens.

Relax and recharge in our inviting seating areas indoors and outdoors. Pause for a break in our shaded patio barbecue area. Take a refreshing dip in our pool. 

Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor areas.

What types of Studio Spaces are offered?

We offer sheltered studio spaces for sculpting in stone or wood, and for painting in acrylic or watercolor. Generally, artists will be provided a space of about 3 by 3 meters (10 by 10 feet). Depending on your medium, the availability of space and the time of year (rainy vs. dry season) you may be offered enclosed studio space, an outdoor covered space enclosed on three sides, or a tent with open sides.   

If you're a photographer, a writer or an artist working in drawing media, you may or may not need a dedicated studio space. Let us know your plans and your working requirements, so that we can determine how we can best meet your needs at a reasonable cost to you.

Are any Studio Spaces currently available?

Please note, at the present time we don't have any more capacity to rent studio spaces for sculpture or painting in January, February or March of 2023.  To inquire about later dates, please contact us.

What are the Studio Rental prices, and what do they include?

Our studio prices vary by the medium you choose, because of the amount and type of equipment that the medium requires and because of the setup and support involved. ​Stone Sculpture, as an example, requires a wide range of special equipment and tools, and consumes considerable amounts of electricity. Acrylic Painting requires considerably less in tools, equipment and services, and Watercolor Painting least of all.


Our studios will be set up to include almost everything you'll need to complete an artwork or artworks in your chosen medium. Exceptions include the medium itself. Sculptors can purchase stone or wood from us for carving; however, we don't supply acrylic or watercolor paints. Consumable items (such as sandpaper) and personal protective equipment are not provided.  

Is Accommodation Included?

Prices for our art studio rentals include accommodation in a shared Standard Room. For a Private Room, there's an additional charge of $180 per week.


Our studio package prices don't include daily breakfast but do include all of our other guest amenities, such as use of our outdoor kitchen and barbecue. If you'd like us to provide your breakfast, there's an additional charge of $50 per week.

If you have accommodation off-site, we'll deduct $170 per week from the listed price of your rental.

Sculpture and Painting Studio Prices

For specific prices and what's included for each medium, please see the following pages.

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