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Stone Sculpture Courses

Course Content

The methods of stone-carving taught in our courses are based on techniques developed and perfected during the Italian Renaissance period, passed down through centuries and still used today by master carvers in Tuscany, Italy. 


Centuries ago, sculptors created detailed and amazingly beautiful work in stone, without the benefit of power tools. However, in this course, you'll learn safe and effective use of both hand and power tools.


At the beginner level, you'll learn how to visualize a sculpture within a block of stone, how to "approach" the stone, and how to choose the right tools for each stage of the carving process. Then, through demonstrations and guided practice, you'll learn the proper techniques for using the tools, and you'll be given helpful tips along the way as you create your first sculpture. 

Students at intermediate and advanced levels can benefit from Francisco's expertise and guidance as you brush up on your techniques, learn and practice more efficient ways to complete your work, and venture in new creative directions.   

Regardless of course length, each course covers the full process for creating a marble sculpture, from raw stone to final polishing, and you'll be guided through each step as you develop your creativity and carving skills. 

Stone carving takes time!  For this reason, our classes are normally scheduled for three hours each, for a total of 15 hours in our one-week courses, and 30 hours in two weeks.  Our two-week courses allow you more time to practice your skills and techniques, and to complete additional or larger or more complex sculptures. 

What's Included in the Price?

We provide marble for carving, together with all the hand and power tools you'll need for completing your course, including: hand chisels, hammers and files; electric grinder, diamond cutting disks, and bits; an air compressor, air hoses and pneumatic tools; an electric sander, sanding blocks and sandpaper; and dust masks, a face shield or goggles, gloves and apron for you to wear during classes.

You can either stay with us or arrange other accommodation off-site. The prices below for our one-week and two-week courses include:

  • A course component, based on the scheduled number of class hours

  • An accommodation component, covering a 7-night stay for each week of the course, in a double or twin room with air conditioning and its own private bathroom with shower. The accommodation component covers all of our guest amenities, including a full daily breakfast.

If you have accommodation off site, you'll pay only the "Course Cost" amount.

10% discounts are available for continuing and returning students, or for two students registering together to take the same course at the same time.

What Do I Need to Bring?

You'll need a pair of safety boots. Although we don't provide them, they're essential. Without them, you could be seriously injured if a heavy stone or tool fell on your foot. 

In addition, the power tools that you and/or others near you will be using create a lot of noise. We do provide earplugs, but if you prefer stronger protection you should bring your own over-ear protection.

Finally, the dust masks we provide are the disposable type. If you prefer more protection, you can bring your own respirator and dust particle filters. 

Prices (including taxes) for Stone Sculpture Courses

One-Week Course

(15 hours, in 5 days) 



with Private Room: $1235

Package cost (per person)
in Shared Room: $1055 

Two-Week Course

(30 hours, in 10 days)




with Private Room: $2405

Package cost (per person)
 Shared Room: $2060

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