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Drawing Courses

Course Content

At the beginner level, our students learn fundamentals of drawing, including composition, proportion and perspective. You'll learn to see and draw light, shadow and texture. You'll learn drawing and shading techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, scumbling and stumping, and you'll incorporate those techniques into simple drawings of plants, vegetables, fruit and objects of metal and glass.

In "continuing beginner" and intermediate levels, you'll progress to drawing flowers and foliage, animals, landscapes, abstracts and the human form, and you'll learn to use a variety of drawing media such as ink, charcoal and conté crayon. 

At the advanced level, you'll create more complex works in your choice of subject matter, developing skill and confidence as you use the many techniques in your toolbox to express what you see.  


(Please note, our drawing courses do not use live models.)

What's Included in the Price?

We provide everything you'll need for completing your course, including paper, pencils, other drawing tools, and an apron for you to wear during classes.

You can either stay with us or arrange other accommodation. The prices set out below for our one-week course include:

  • A course component 

  • An accommodation component, covering a 7-night stay for each week of the course, in a double or twin room with air conditioning and its own private bathroom with shower. The accommodation component covers all of our guest amenities, including a full daily breakfast. Please visit our Accommodations page to learn more about our guest accommodations and amenities.

If you have accommodation off site, you'll pay only the "Course Cost" amount.


10% discounts are available for continuing and returning students, or for two students registering together to take the same course at the same time. For groups of three or more, we offer additional discounts based on the size of your group.

Prices (including taxes) for Drawing Courses

The prices listed below are in effect for courses and packages up to and including December 2023. For dates in 2024, prices may be adjusted.

One-Week Course

(10 hours, in 5 days)



with Private Room: $660

Package cost (per person) in Shared Room: $480

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