Acrylic Painting Courses

Course Content

Francisco's teaching approach emphasizes particular techniques in the use of each medium. In Acrylic Painting, he generally teaches 10 to 15 techniques in each 15-hour beginners' course. Some examples include: Dry Brush, Sponge, Spatter, Palette Knife, Dabbing, Detailing, Blowing, and Pouring.

In one 15-hour acrylic painting course, you will typically create three 18 x 24 inch paintings on canvas, in both abstract and realistic styles.


At Intermediate and Advanced levels, you'll widen your range of techniques and become more adept at using them as you work with increasingly complex and challenging subjects. With expert guidance, you'll develop skill and confidence in the medium through practice and experimentation. Intermediate students will learn to incorporate multi-media elements in their work, and Advanced students will explore and develop their artistic vision, personal style and expression.

What's Included in the Price?

We provide everything you'll need for completing your course, including paint, a palette, brushes, a palette knife, hardboards for practicing the techniques you learn, canvas, cleaning materials, and an apron for you to wear during classes.

You can choose either to stay with us or to arrange other accommodation off-site. The prices set out below for our one-week and two-week courses include:

  • A course component, based on the course medium and the number of class hours scheduled for the course. 

  • An accommodation component, covering a 7-night stay for each week of the course, in a double or twin room with air conditioning and its own private bathroom with shower. The accommodation component covers all of our guest amenities, including a full daily breakfast.

If you have off-site accommodation, you'll pay us only the "Course Cost" amount.

10% discounts are available for two students registering together, or for continuing and returning students. For groups of three or more, we offer additional discounts based on the size of your group.

Prices shown for our Weekly Classes don't include accommodation.

Prices (including taxes) for Acrylic Painting Courses and Classes

One-Week Course

(2 hours/day x 5 days) 




with Private Room: $670

Package cost for pairs or groups
 Shared Room(s): $520

Two-Week Course

(2 hours/day x 10 days)




with Private Room: $1310

Package cost for pairs or groups
 Shared Room(s): $1015

Weekly Classes

Each 2-hour Class $66