Acrylic & Resin
Painting Courses

About This Medium

As an art medium, Acrylic and Resin has a strong visual impact, and it's very durable.


Most painters working in resin use it to cover a completed painting with a glass-like finish. However, our instructor, Francisco Castro Lostalo, uses an entirely different approach, mixing acrylic paint into the resin to bring color right to the surface of each painting.   

Francisco is very skilled in this medium, and he uses it for many different effects. He has developed many of his own techniques, so that his finished paintings really "stand out from the crowd" of resin work by other artists.

Course Content

Francisco teaches many of his techniques in this course. 

You'll learn the basics of working with this medium, including

  • how long you can work with the resin before it cures

  • how to ensure it cures completely

  • how to add color and multimedia elements.

You'll also learn to use the resin in various ways, such as textures, paths, overlays, braids, mosaics and engraving.

Progression to intermediate and advanced levels in this medium is based on developing skill and confidence in its use, with Francisco's guidance, so that you'll be able to complete more complex and/or larger paintings while the resin remains workable. 


Since our epoxy resin is odorless and non-toxic, you don't need a special mask when you're working with it. It also contains UV protection against fading and additional protection against yellowing, making it even more durable.

What's Included in the Price?

The cost of materials and supplies is the biggest factor in the higher cost of this course relative to our other painting courses. However, the results you achieve can be really exciting!


We provide everything you'll need for completing your course, including acrylic paint, resin, mixing tools and containers, brushes, hardboard for practicing techniques as you learn them, canvasses and/or painting panels, various materials to create mixed media effects, cleaning supplies, gloves and an apron for you to wear during classes. Although masks are not necessary, we do provide disposable masks for students who prefer to wear them.

The price of your course includes accommodation in a shared Standard Room plus all of our guest amenities, including daily breakfast. For a Private Room, there's an additional charge of $180 per week.

If you have accommodation off-site, we'll deduct $200 per week from the listed course price. 

Prices for our weekly classes by the hour don't include accommodation.


One Week

+13% tax

Total $802.30


Two Weeks


+13% tax

Total $1502.90

Weekly Classes

Hourly Rate

+13% tax

Total $36.16